Episode 34: Cuba's New Colony

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Welcome to Stories of Communism, the podcast where we discuss what life is really like for those unfortunate enough to live under communist or socialist governments.    Recording from the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, this is Erik Seligman, your co-host, along with Manuel Castaneda.

Today we’ll be interviewing two Venezuelan refugees, Dory and Maria, about their nation’s fall from the richest to one of the poorest nations in South America.   As you’ll hear, the empty promises of socialism there have led to widespread misery, and their leaders have effectively handed over much of the government apparatus to Cuban so-called advisors.    Let’s go on to the interview.

<Listen to audio for interview>

If you enjoyed this chat, a video interview with Dory and Maria is also available from our friends at the anti-communist site “Spider And The Fly”.   You can find a link in the show notes at storiesofcommunism.com .

And this has been your story of Communism for today.



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