Episode 32: Romania's Worst Spy

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Welcome to Stories of Communism, the podcast where we discuss what life is really like for those unfortunate enough to live under communist or socialist governments.    Recording from the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, this is Erik Seligman, your co-host, along with Manuel Castaneda.

As you may recall, our last episode focused on the story of Teodor Flonta, who as a college student in Communist Romania in the 1960s, fell in love with a visiting Italian girl.   Defying the odds, they pursued their international romance, despite the continuous obstacles they were facing from the Romanian government.   In the end, Teodor managed to marry Ariella and emigrate to Italy, though he was only able to get his exit visa by signing an agreement to spy for the Communists.    

The memoir ended when Teodor and Ariella began their married life in Italy in the early 1970s.   But half a century later, they are both still alive and well, living in Australia and preparing to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary among children and grandchildren.     So for this episode, Manuel and I have interviewed Teodor about his life after the memoir.  We’ll hear about how he adjusted to life in the West, his career in international espionage, and his thoughts on Communism and the future.

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If you find Teodor’s story as inspiring as we do, be sure to check out the memoir of his romance, “Paper Rings”, as well the book he wrote on his father’s struggles, “A Luminous Future”.   Both are linked in the show notes at storiesofcommunism.com.

And this has been your story of Communism for today.