Episode 28: Out of Czechoslovakia

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Welcome to Stories of Communism, the podcast where we review and discuss the firsthand testimony of those who lived through the horrors of Communism.   This is Erik Seligman, your co-host, along with Manuel Castaneda, recording from the suburbs of Portland, Oregon.

For this episode, we’re interviewing Slovakian Jewish immigrant Klara Sever.   As you’ll hear in the interview, she was among the many people “rescued” by the Soviets from the Holocaust at the end of World War II.    She thought they were offering freedom, but soon discovered they were just delivering another form of totalitarian oppression.

Before we go, we’d also like to thank listener “rightschu”, who left us another great review on Apple Podcasts.   If you are enjoying the podcast, please consider clicking the link at http://storiesofcommunism.com and doing the same!    You can also find links to Klara’s memoir (sadly not yet available in English) and other references in our show notes there.

And this has been your story of Communism for today.