Episode 38: The Reality of Chinese Organ Harvesting

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Welcome to Stories of Communism, the podcast where we discuss what life is really like for those unfortunate enough to live under communist or socialist governments.    Recording from the suburbs of Wichita, Kansas, this is Erik Seligman, your host.   Today we’re doing something a little different:  our friends at the Anticommunism Action Team recently held an excellent online webinar on the issue of organ harvesting by the Chinese Communist government, and have given us permission to share audio highlights.

In case you’re not familiar with the issue, it’s been rumored for many years that China kills political prisoners in order to use their organs for transplant.   Evidence and testimony uncovered in recent years has moved this terrifying concept from the realm of rumor to reality.    Today you will hear from Jennifer Zeng, a former political prisoner (who we interviewed in an earlier episode), and author of “Witnessing History:  One Chinese Woman’s Fight for Freedom”.   She’ll talk about how close she came to being killed for her organs.    Then we’ll hear from David Kilgour, a former member of the Canadian Parliament, 2010 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and active member of the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China.    He has done extensive research on this topic, and as you will hear, believes it has now been firmly established that forced organ harvesting is really happening.   The moderator of the discussion is Christopher Wright of the Anticommunism Action Team.

<Listen to audio of event>

If you want to learn more, you can find links in the show notes at storiesofcommunism.com to Jennifer’s book and to the Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China.   You can also find a link to the Anticommunism Action Team’s site spider-and-the-fly.com, where you can find lots of additional related info, in addition to information on supporting current action the U.S. Congress is considering on this issue.

And this has been your Story of Communism for today.